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Travels — 23.6.2015

Whatta midsummer celebrations/break I had! I went to Malta’s sister island Gozo and totally fell for that place – I hadn’t realized Gozo is such a pearl! I had visited Gozo three times before but only shortly or during the Gozo carnival (a big costume carnival that they hold every February), that is wintertime. Just now I got to experience the best of the small island. In fact I hadn’t been thinking the place could be anything special. Greener than Malta they say… I doubted. Or being somehow different – how, I asked. I get it now, after I really had some time to get familiar with the many superb spots on the island. I still left a lot behind. Now I find Gozo a totally different island compared to Malta.

In a white dress on the Sanap cliffs in Gozo in Malta

A car driving on the enormous Sanap Cliffs in Gozo in Malta

Gozo the peaceful pearl of Mediterranean, In a white dress on the Sanap cliffs
Gozo felt like a pearl of Mediterranean to me – rough but soft and beautiful!

Do you remember the movie Under the Tuscan sun? There could be “Under the Gozo sun” as well! If you love a total peace, beautiful rural rolling fields, old houses to fix and decorate a bit, fascinating history and tomatoes and good food ripened in the sun – this is the unknown place to explore! I wonder if any of the old time artists went to Gozo to do their things – I myself could greatly imagine having some very fine artistic life down there! Just loving the thought of it! If you find me a man, dog or some company, I go there!

Sunflower field on Gozo in Malta

Having picnic and opening a Prosecco bottle on the cliffs on Gozo in Malta
Picnic time!

Plants and flora of Gozo in Malta

It’s a bird island. You can hear lively bird singing just all the time and everywhere – until the night comes and it is bats’ turn to take over. You can see small geckos everywhere, get fresh tasty eggs from every corner and a lot of Gozitan made eco products. Beware not to stamp on horseshit, which lays just for you just there. Bees are angry on the beach, they find you honeyed… And dragonflies are bustling by the pool side. This is the beautiful setting full of life taste in Gozo.

Gozo rural countryside and a peaceful setting in Malta, hills basking under the sunshine

Cozo is countryside, heading to a church and a small village
Gozo = countryside

Rural Gozo is a beautiful countryside with the fields by the Mediterranean sea

Also the accommodation for my stay was a “many times in a lifetime experience”! Of course the Finnish midsummer had to be spent at Finnish people’s place. I happened to find Ta’Kalamija B&B – a bed and breakfast villa run by a lovely Finnish couple Anne and Erkki. Their villa was so idyllic, a little castle like farmhouse with romantic details. I loved the rustic rooms made of stone and wood – a nice old-fashioned mixture. I could have had a jacuzzi in the room but I decided to have a personal terrace, where I did some morning yoga. Downstairs there was a pool for sunbathing and to chill and swim. The best part was, how hospitable Anne and Erkki were – in fact they became friends to me, surprisingly we had a lot in common! Anyway, these guys take very good care of you.

White dress hanging in the rustic room made of stone and wood
Rustic room, stone and wood, just loved it!
Enjoying the holiday in Gozo in the swimming pool of the farmhouse in Gharb
Ooooh pool life

Gozo in general takes a good care of you! It’s a super safe place, countryside, there’s no need to lock the doors – that’s a good indicator. People on the island are friendly and helpful. If you happen to run into one! It’s so peaceful out there. Hardly anyone anywhere. You can just go to the attractions, and there’s no one there. A luxurious aspect of sightseeing. I don’t know, if it was just a great timing, but got to experience the emptiness in almost all of the attractions. It was unbelievable – month June, and still no one to bother you! Gozo is a hidden treasure?! No wonder that Brangelina liked it there for the whole summer last year, when they where shooting a movie directed by Angelina. “By the Sea” – have to check that this autumn, when it’s coming. The only crowded place, and a place that I didn’t like too much was Xlendi. Tourists, tourists, tourist, yack! Sorry, hah!

Atmospheric Gharb church at night in Gozo in Malta
Luxurious sightseeing, not much people around
Beautiful Sannat church and the flower trees in Gozo in Malta
Churches just everywhere

What I loved a lot was Sannat’s Sanap cliffs! Amazing! There was no one there, just those crazy huge cliffs, highest point being over 120 metres. Good place to commit a sweet suicide! There are such big scale wonders in Gozo, you feel like in a movie setting or being in a painting! Just wow! They were actually filming Game of Thrones in front of another great nature wonder, Azurra window. Azurra window felt also a really magical this time, having a great stormy night – a lot of wind and waves. You could really see and feel the natural powers, how they are transforming our land and world all the time. Great to experience and realise these things.

Rural countryside scenery in Gozo and the Sanap cliffs and the Mediterranean sea

Walking high up the sea level on the Sanap cliffs in Gozo
Walking high up the sea level
Sanap cliffs, over 120 m on Gozo in Malta, the Mediterranean sea around
Sanap cliffs, over 120 m

Walking on the breathtaking Sanap cliffs on Gozo in Malta

Sanap cliffs and a beautiful sunny day in Gozo in Malta

Waving my Whattawowworld greetings from Gozo, cliffs on the background

Blue stormy waves at Dwejra point on Gozo in Malta
Dwejra point
Selfie at Dwejra Azurra window on Gozo in Malta
Azurra window behind

I also did enjoy Ramla Bay a lot. I really think it’s one of the nicest beaches in the whole Malta – having the beautiful hilly landing and it’s surrounded by the beautiful green slopes. It might have been full of beach people during the day. But late in the afternoon the weather was perfectly warm, with the nice sea breeze hanging out there, and I was owning the beach and jumping happily in the soft waves! And one more thing, there is a cute white statue on the beach! A statue! For some reason I love statues!

Ramla Bay beach and red sand and umbrellas on Gozo on a hot sunny summer day
Ramla Bay and its reddish sand
A kid running on the beach of Ramla Bay on Gozo, the sun rays and red sand make the summer day
Beautiful lush slopes surrounding Ramla Bay
Happy after a swim and wet hair on Ramla Bay beach in Gozo
Was a lot of fun bodysurfing and jumping over the waves!

As cherry on top, the last visit before leaving home to main island was on the top in Cittadella. The old fortress full of historic charm. How cool is to be there by yourself, go around the 360° view walk by the wall, and watch the orange sunset. See the whole pretty idyllic Gozo before you go. And to know you go there again! It’s so close to me. And if you’re after something different, I highly recommended the island for you too. Go to Gozo!

Church of the Cittadella on Gozo in Malta
Church in the entrance and in the middle of Cittadella – of course
Cittadella views on a hot sunny summer afternoon on Gozo
360° views
A sunny rooftop view from the Cittadella on Gozo
360° views

Climbing up the stairs at Cittadella on Gozo in Malta

360° views from the Cittadella wall on Gozo in Malta
360° views
Orange sunset and beautiful colours in the sky, a view from Cittadella on Gozo in Malta
Orange sunset at Cittadella
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