Mediterranean Walk in Malta: Victoria Lines – WOW

Travels — 8.5.2019

Malta has plenty of nice day walks in the Mediterranean setting with the specific flora and fauna and with the view! Only now I managed to do my first actual hike – this took me way too many years… But now that I was visiting my home island after a couple of years I wanted to go to nature. Victoria Lines route was perfect for the purpose and especially in the springtime!

Wild flowers were blooming and the birds were singing. The national birds of Malta – the Blue Rock Trush – were flying above: their orange chest looked like sparkling gold in the sunshine and their blue wings looked just magical. And it was so peaceful everywhere. The whole hike was just us: didn’t see any people on the route, just a few by the “great wall of malta” – where the wall looks the best.

I highly recommend this historical route. Victoria Lines is historical because the British built it and finished it in the year of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897 – hence the name. The route goes from the east cost to the west coast – or vice versa. We did the half of it and took a Bolt ride to Mosta from where we hiked till the west end: a place called Kuncizzjon.

I loved the lush afternoon. Malta never felt so green before!

Rural view in Malta

Polku Maltalla luontokävelyyn

Flower path in Malta

Kukat luonnossa Maltalla

Donkeys in Malta

Victoria Lines -luontopolku Maltalla

Green path in Malta

Green Malta

Malta nature walk

Victoria Lines nature walk in Malta
It was nice to walk on the wall itself!
Green Malta adventure!
Like an adventure setting…

Palmtree in the moat Malta

Victoria Lines hike in Malta
There were all kinds of “obstacles” on the route so it was exciting!
Victoria Lines Malta
“The Great Wall of Malta” on the Victoria Lines route

Victoria Lines wall in Malta

Wall in Malta - Victoria Lines

Victoria Lines walk view in Malta

Lush green view in Malta

Sheep in the Malta countryside

Ultra Boost and Malta flowers
Colour match!
Victoria Lines Malta view
Never seen Malta this green! (because this was my first real hike)

Mgarr and Malta countryside

Wild flowers in the Malta countryside

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