Happiness vs Devastation in Mexico

Travels — 5.2.2015

Hola hola from Mexico! My Mexican dreaming started three years ago. With a food experience. I was eating the best ever tortilla in San Francisco. Made by the Mexican immigrants in their little restaurant. I had always liked Mexican food and I was in heaven when I got his this real deal. Then last summer I read Frida Kahlo’s autobiography – and that was it. I wanted to go to Mexico! ASAP.

Here I am. And I wasn’t wrong at all. I just love this country!!!

We flew here through Toronto, 150 euros one way ticket. 4 hours direct flight to Cancun, the tourist trap. Immediately there were the happy Mexican people greeting us (I actually loved the fact that some of the booked hotels had even sent a personal welcoming email before arrival!) Helpful and smiley. Their smile was so contagious. I don’t know if it was me being a blond and somehow strange sight or are people more smiley outside Europe in general. Probably and that is nice. And now I’m just smiling, when I get some smiles. Smile is the most positive virus.

A bus to Tulum

We took the bus (the bus system is really good and easy in Mexico) to Tulum which was a nice town. Quite touristy but not too much, because we stayed couple of nights near the town center (the beach site further away is the tourist spot) in a really nice hotel called Don Diego de la Selva. I loved the rooms, their food and especially their service and the warm atmosphere. The nice young boy told us to rent bikes and we did and it was the best way to see Tulum in a short period of time. I loved the little bike tour. We found a hidden little restaurant by the turquoise sea to have the most delicious first lunch in Mexico – perfectly soft avocado filled with tuna and corn and fish tacos plus banana milkshakes! After bicycling there through the lively local setting and eating this muy bueno food at that enjoyable moment I said aloud: now I know what “burst with happiness” means!!! I really do and have that feeling so deep here and I don’t know how to deal with it!

Bicycling in the streets of Tulum in Mexico

Nice restaurant with the swings at bar in Tulum in Mexico

Banana milkshake and the Caribbian sea in Tulum in Mexico
Banana milkshake and the Caribbian sea
Mexican fish taco by the Caribbean sea in Tulum
Fish taco

In Tulum we wanted to check out the town, enjoy some sea and see the Tulum Mayan Ruins. Which are small ruins but beautifully by the sea. Even though being quite small they were looking quite majestic on that specific day because the sunny clouds looked like ancient gods above them! And whatta about the lizards! There were so many quite big / medium sized lizards living in the ruins and being territorial by nodding their head. They looked so funny but you wouldn’t wanna mess with the machos! At the ruins there was a lady who had some problems walking and climbing on that hot day. She told me she had a cancer but she had decided to come and see this anyway. I’m happy she did.

At the Tulum Mayan temples and ruins, the Caribbean sea on the background

Turquoise Caribbean sea faces the Tulum Mayan ruins

A gecko looking at the sky at the Tulum Mayan ruins in Mexico

Sunny day at the Mayan ruins in Tulum in Mexico

Tulum Mayan ruins and temples in Mexico, nice clouds above

A cactus and a gecko on the yard of Tulum Mayan ruins

Sian Ka’an Reserve thriller!

After this great day started the hazardous times in Mexico. I had been wondering how can be that Mexico is considered to be a bit hazard country to travel after experiencing the people to be so happy and helpful – and I still do. But after Tulum we went to Sian Ka’an nature reserve. We had paid 900 dollars in advance to Mr. Hazard for accommodation. We should have known that the name was premonition.

In the Mexican taxi going to the next destination
Happyly on the way to the next destination…

We got to the destination after 1,5 hours bumpy ride / dirt road, the small taxi driver had almost given up. He was wondering where the hell are we going, infierno infierno. And a dirty beach with a greedy owner it was. WTH I had thought Mexico is beautiful and my biggest job had been to be ecological in my choices! but it turned out that the Caribbian site beaches are full of man-made rubbish! People are throwing their shit in the sea just everywhere, at least in the undeveloped countries and the sea currents bring them to the Mexican coast line. Tulum looked beautiful only because it is cleaned with hard work. This was something different. Mr. Hazard seemed too indifferent to give a shit. We couldn’t swim the whole time we were there.

The beach is full of rubbish at the Xamach Dos resort in Sian Kaan Reserve in Mexico, this is sad

Trash on the beach at Xamach Dos resort in Sian Kaan Reserve, humans are ruining the oceans and the beaches

Ocean brings the trash on the beach at the Xamach Dos resort in Sian Kaan Reserve
The beach is full of trash at the Xamach Dos resort in Sian Kaan Reserve, the reality
The beach of our accommodation in reality

Their trainee who was really a graphic designer was cooking some pre-processed food that Hazard charged 10-12 dollars per meal. And that was the only food within the next 35 km.s. We felt to be in a bungalow prison. Luckily the bungalow itself was pretty. But after being constantly hungry and getting ill of Hazards rudeness towards us we decided to escape. We asked for some refund but he never got back to us. So we thought that we will leave three nights before – but won’t pay anything for those shitty micro meals. He anyway had our 450 dollars but we wasn’t sure it was enough. Money rules the world you know. So we decided, that early in the morning, at sunrise we will escape. We did’t have a ride, there were a lot of Hazard’s dogs around and the morning sun could reveal us. It was too exciting to go to sleep.

To be continued

(Below some nice pics from Tulum and the first days in Mexico)

Balcony with a hammock at the Don Diego de la Selva hotel in Tulum

Having tasty Mexican tacos at a local restaurant in Tulum in Mexico

Sol beer lovers and friends in Tulum in Mexico, the Sol fellow and the girls

Tulum town at sunset in Mexico

Local taco restaurant in Tulum in Mexico

Fruit market in Tulum in Mexico

A girl eating tacos in Mexico
At the Don Diego de la Selva hotel in Tulum

Mexican flat on a beach in Tulum in Mexico

Bee farm at the Don Diego de la Selva hotel in Tulum in Mexico

First evening and a dinner at the Don Diego de la Selva hotel in Tulum in Mexico

Jaguar walk ie. catwalk in Sian Kaan Reserve in Mexico, jaguars in the bushes
Jaguar walk. There are jaguars in the bushes around.
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