Walking Miles in the City of Bicycles – Amsterdam!

Travels — 10.5.2018

Amsterdam. Such a lovely city! No matter what time of year it is or what is the weather like, Amsterdam has it’s certain character and that’s enough for me! I could go to this city over and over again. I’m sure I’ll never get bored of it.

Beautiful canals everywhere. The unique feeling and relaxed atmosphere charm you. Everything reflects: Good Vibes Only! I think the best thing is to walk around and feel the city. The street life is magical. There are so many details in it: it can be a beautiful house, a cute terrace or as small thing as a funny sticker on the post box. As everyone knows Amsterdam is a liberal forerunner. I’m not even starting again the topic about their input on green things – such a circular economy (not only weed – catch you!). What I’m very thankful for is Alfred J. Kwak! What would my life had become without this children TV-series character that thought me so much about diversity, genuine self, helping others etc. To my surprise, I haven’t seen many Alfreds in the tourist shops – but I have seen the clogs where he slept in, aaaaww.

Amsterdam cafe terassi-kahvila
Amsterdam is full of nice cafes and pubs where to rest your feet
Street art Amsterdam
Street wisdom

As an art-history-studied-wannabe-painter the Dutch art is great interest to me. So you can imagine how amazed I was when I saw the Night Watch of Rembrandt on a bike bag! How cool is this city? These details make my shout aloud: “Whattawowworld”! I think, we should always remember to admire these small everyday details – those are the spices of life.

Rembrandt night watch bike bag, pyoralaukku
Rembrandt’s Night Watch in the bike bag – love love love

Amsterdam gives open views to people’s houses because the windows are uncovered and on the street level you can see everything. They say it’s common to go for a night walk and look at the windows and into stranger’s life. This is how the Dutch TV format Big Brother was born! Amsterdam is a bit strange in all kinds of way. According to Google there are around 2500 floating houses – many people live in the canals. And those who live on the ground have special houses too: you see very narrow and steep stairs that go down to a ground-floor apartment or up to attic apartments. And those who live in between are the Big Brother cases… Amsterdam looks beautiful also because of it’s nostalgic looking cast iron street lamps – I can imagine a film kiss scene under those. Another cheesy thing is all the cheese boutiques that this city has to offer! They must love cheeses here. I tried some at the Cheese museum shop – which is by the way a quick tasty stop – and there were so many interesting options. For example a pink pesto cheese! I think the Dutch beer is cheesy too because it tastes somehow soft and sweet! Even though I prefer crispy or more pithy ones I don’t complain: I love to sit in all those cosy small corner pubs of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam koti home Big Brother style
The Big Brother format is made in Holland. People like to take a stroll and watch the open windows.
Boat house Amsterdam venekoti
Boat house with a bike storage.
Cheese museum Amsterdam juustomuseo
Amsterdam loves cheese. There are dedicated cheese shops and the cheese museum where you can find so many different flavours. Quick tasty visit!

Watch out the cyclists in Dam! They ride a bicycle like crazy! I wonder how many bike accidents happen annually when there are so many cyclist and tourist coming across to each other. Unfortunately Amsterdam has become more and more expensive too: the hotels cost quite a fortune during the peak season and the food and drink price range is getting higher. One recommendation and must place to visit is Foodhallen, where you can eat in a nice price and find many different delicacies. It’s also a place to hang out – open almost until midnight!

After all, Amsterdam is a city where the hookers, the church and the tourist shops live in melted harmony. There’s no hypocrisy in this city – everything is accepted and normal here. You can have truffles or go to church on Sundays. Amsterdam is the city of peace and love. Amsterdam is DAMnFUN!

Amsterdam punaisten lyhtyjen alue, red light district church
A church and red lights in good agreement. Three teenager dudes were negotiating the price together with a hooker out of this picture. First time? It’s interesting to go and walk in the red light district.
Amsterdam pyorailija, cyclist
Google tells that there are just less than 900 000 bikes in Amsterdam…
Pyoran kello, bicycle bell
Also the bike accessories seem to be a thing. People make their bikes look recognizable and personal with different styles of bike bells for instance
Foodhallen Amsterdam
Foodhallen is a must visit – great varieties of delicious food and drinks! Go and hang out.
Frozen yoghurt Foodhallen Amsterdam
My frozen yoghurt dessert at Foodhallen
Levi's store Amsterdam
My favorite. The Levi’s store is in the same building with Foodhallen. They even fix and tune the old denim clothes here. Respect.
Amsterdam kanaali kelluva koti, canal terrace
Floating home terrace

Amsterdam joutsen, canal swan

Amsterdam tryffelit truffles
Truffles in the tourist shop. I felt so weird to hear the conversation when the customer service representative advised a few girls what kind experience comes with each product. Before they sold mushrooms in Amsterdam but after some crazy tourist case it was forbidden to sell mushrooms anymore. So now they sell truffles. This is normal legal everyday in dissident Amsterdam and things seem to be pretty much under control.

Amsterdam tulppaanit, tulips

Street view Amsterdam katukuva

Kalja-auto, beer car Amsterdam
This looks so fun but dangerous! A beer car which you can book with a group of friends. Just pedal and drink beer – don’t be too drunk to fall backwards!
Rembrandts house Amsterdam Rembrandtin talo
Rembrandt’s house.
Tropenmuseum Amsterdam
Tropenmuseum itself is a cool place. There are interesting changing exhibitions. Fashion Cities Africa and Body Art still on.
Tulip museum Amsterdam
Holland is famous for its tulips. The spring is the wonderful time of the year when the fields are blooming wild. The Tulip museum serves you always. Of course you can see tulips everywhere on the streets and cafes too.
Amsterdam pub
The spirit; it’s nice to follow the street life from the warmhearted fascinating pubs

Amsterdam yöllä, night scene

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