Seoul – Admirable Human Souls in the Ambitious City

Travels — 12.3.2018

The Gangnam Style music video feels kind of quirky and cool – this is also the feeling that you get in Seoul!

Seoul – the fourth prosperous metropolis in the world shows off with tidiness, dignity, pop art type of details and goal-oriented good-looking people walking on the streets of the busy quarters – like Gangnam, which is stylish! These people are not hair out of place people. In fact, their hair looks like it’s in the editorial photo shoot. I envied the strong, shiny, thick hair type of the Koreans while they were standing or walking in front of me. Black fringes and chestnut colours. Ah. Overall, Seoul people look like super models. Are there many coming out from there?

The trendy people on the street seem to afford brand clothing and quality. You won’t see shabby strollers there. People look what they want to represent: successful. Seoul just reflects this goal orientation and ambition. No wonder it has become one of the economic powers of the world so quickly when the nation is like that. They seem like achievers that want to hang out with achievers! I saw a birthday hero man carrying a little Gucci bag just like that on a regular Tuesday – he met his friend in the metro tunnel who congratulated him and gave him another gift. In Seoul, they even seem to congratulate stars in the bus stop ads. (Read other oddities of the South Korea here.) Fandom seems to be on a high level – serious and loud! K-pop is huge with its Seoul factories– but even in the street there are many sort of performers trying to push through. I saw a crew of young boys dancing – nothing specific – and the girls went nuts. Hu!

I liked Seoul because it was interesting to be in the middle of the Korean neon light signs. Didn’t understand a thing and this “Lost in Translation part two” feeling was real. It was great to hit the metro roads – one of the biggest in the world – and just go somewhere randomly. The metro is very clear though, there is English too. I can imagine how nice Seoul is during the summer – there must be some hot magic in the air. That’s when my next visit will be. For sure the spring and autumn are fine too, like in Japan there is the cherry blossom and autumn colours.

Seoul feeds you well – like it feeds your cultural soul and shopping lust. There are also quite some temples in the capital and near by. In the historic town you also see the traditional Korean houses. Soul is a cool capital with quite some interesting details for an eye! One is that so many people are wearing National Geographic stuff hah! You surely follow fashion waves and cool phenomena in this city!

Asian neon signs Seoul, mainosvalot Soulissa

Crowds Seoul ihmisvilina
A lot of people
Bus stop ad Seoul happy birthday
They congratulate celebrities on the ads of the bus stops
Streetshow Seoul katutanssi
This crew made the girls scream
Street performance Seoul katuesitys

Mosaics, mosaiikkilaattaseinä

Airbnb Gangnam Seoul
Our Airbnb flat was great, in the heart of Gangnam. I recommend! Ask for details, if you’re heading to Seoul.
Skyline Gangnam Seoul Airbnb
The view from the flat, main shopping street of Gangnam
Men walking street Gangnam style Seoul
Men in black in Gangnam
N Seoul Tower
N Seoul Tower
Traditional Korean house in Bukchon Hanok Village, korealainen perinnetalo
Traditional Korean house in Bukchon Hanok Village
Cat Seoul temppelikissa
Cute inhabitant of the old town