Why You Never Get Fed up with Thailand!

Travels — 17.12.2016

I have a sunny week. I’m on a “co-operation mission holiday” here in Thailand with Aurinkomatkat – one of the biggest Finnish travel operators. This is my third time in this land and I was pleased to come even for such a short period of time. It’s true that many people do come here, and it’s not always the most isolated paradise, but a paradise it is still and these are the Thai things that satisfy me the most.

Greenery and warmth

It’s always so great to land here when it’s so lush. The green everywhere makes the feeling of a paradise. This combined with the birds singing during the day and the crickets during the night – voila! Not to forget the visual experience: huge butterflies and dragonflies! Also the warmth that pampers the skin is lovely, it’s a real holiday mood when you just hang out in your swim suit (not in the street of course)!




Smile and hospitality

I haven’t got bad service in Thailand. Everybody smiles and bows. It’s so very easy to be in Thailand and go around in Thailand when feeling welcome and safe.


Delicious Thai food

Food is delicious, you only may get bored after a longer travel period. My favourites that I’m always looking forward eating to are: Green Papaya Salad and Sticky Rice, Morning Glory, Crab Burger and of course Pad Thai. And all the fruit shakes and Singha of course! (Don’t drink Chang, ten baht cheaper Chang is shit)


Morning Glory with Ice Coffee
Morning Glory with Ice Coffee

Cheap massage

The other day I went for a spa treatment fot two hours; I took a whole body massage, a pedicure and a manicure. These costed in total 25 euros, and I gave a good tip since my massage therapist was really good. Sometimes I have had some loose titillation too, I hate it, I like it hard!

Unbelievably beautiful sunsets

I can only stare the sky when it changes its colours from orange to violet, to noble metal colours gold and bronze and back to deep purple again. There is a bit of a distraction when all the long tail boats are arriving from their daily fishing or tourist trip duties and they are passing the strands but thank god their silhouettes at least look nice in the horizont. But just think about this scenery without any noise, there are those places. Let them be…




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