Work and Holiday in Asia – Digital Nomad Life is Good Here!

Travels — 1.2.2018

Just think about a situation where you are free to go – to fly like a bird – but still you have this chain and ball keeping you there a bit reserved all the time. You may call this modern type of entrepreneurship! Or digital nomad life as they say. People often show the bragging part of everything but work is work and there is a lot of that in life. But I don’t blame digital nomads; work can actually become quite nice when you can enjoy the sunshine while you walk to the co-working space or enjoy great cheap food and delicious variety of drinks. At least in affordable Asia!

Chiang Mai – this place works!

So greetings from Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand! The Asian tour started just like two years ago when I came to CM for the first time. Chiang Mai is a great spot for working at your laptop. Here are a lot of nice cafes and co-working spaces especially in the area of Nimman, which is like a western type of hipster circle – where you still don’t see too many westerns hipsters. It’s easy to concentrate on working here when you have your tummy full and wifi is working. Here are even some great accommodation options – especially if you book early enough. Of course, we didn’t! So me and Antti were wandering from place to another for a week until we found – just by the coincidence – a nice fully refurbished boutique hotel on a perfect spot! It’s called L Nimman. The clean modern room is 1200 bahts / +30 euros and it includes breakfast. Not bad! The best thing is that there is my new favourite cafe Sea Scape + some numbers right next to it. They serve breakfast brunch until 3pm! That’s the proper way! Even I like to wake up early in sunny Asia; there is more energy and everything is possible when there are some sun rays cheering up the day!

Three new lands coming! Vietnam, South Korea (yippii, the Olympic Games) and Indonesia

Next, we will challenge the traditional form of working on the road in Vietnam, South Korea and Indonesia! These are three fascinating new destinations to me. I’m especially excited about the South Korea Olympic Games where we’ll be already in the end of next week. My cousin Rene is snowboarding there! An article about Rene coming up soon! Stay tuned!

Sun rays for You!

Graffitti Nimmanissa Chiang Maissa

Vesipeto uima-altaassa

Uinti hotellin kattouima-altaalla ja iloinen lomalainen
We had a little break in the weekend (L Nimman doesn’t have a pool, this is Stay with Nimman)
Naomi Kleinin kirja Kapitalismi vs. ilmasto ja lentokone taivaalla
Some serious sunbathing stuff
Lentokoneen muotoinen pilvi
At the same time the planes were contaminating the air all the time! But look what a coincidence, a plane shaped cloud!

Nimmanin tunnelmallinen katu Chiang Maissa Thaimaassa
Nimman streets are cosy during the day and charming during the night – and this is the magic hour

Chiang Mai Red Cab Ride in Thailand

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