Four Islands Five Stars – My Hawaii Adventure!

Travels — 14.11.2014

Whatta life! I slept in the car last night on the parking lot of Longs Drugs! And the best part is, it was FUN! I love these kind of little stupid things in life and that was definately it. What happened was that I was hanging out in a local pub of small town Waimea, eating and chatting with the locals and then it was already nine o’clock when I left to book my night at the hotel/motel and they were already closed in this tiny town! But I slept surprisingly well. I am so tired after all this going around thing.

Road trip selfie on the Big Island in Hawaii, white Nissan Altima was a good ride
I was driving around Hawaii Big Island with my white prince Nissan Altima

Well let’s get to the point. I have been to Hawaii for over three weeks now. It doesn’t feel like that! In fact a little secret is that I gave out just some drops of tears yesterday while I was driving and thinking this is my last week here! I’m so anxious I don’t wanna leave. It’s always the same story with Hawaii. It’s a perfect match for me. We have pure love and great sex. Everything’s just meant to be – but then the bad guy of the story comes up the flight back home or to Big Apple what ever. Haha no no, I’m happy and grateful even when I’m leaving and I have this strong feeling of coming back again and again. It’s a positive and hopeful feeling. So I like it.

Sunrise on Kauai, perfect timing for morning yoga and stretch

What kind of holiday destination is Hawaii?

About Hawaii. It’s a great formation of eight volcanic islands of which the big island Hawaii is still active and being the most active in world. Here I am now, just next to it in Hilo. In the morning I will have a helicopter tour to see the lava flowing but will tell later about it! The other islands are commercial but of course nice shopping paradise Oahu – having beautiful nature as well. Kauai “the Jurassic Park” green island. Maui for the lovers – I don’t understand why. And the less known for tourists: Lanai and Molokai. Then there are Niihau and Kahoolawe which are not open for tourists. Good for them, and I mean the islands.

Sand signature on a beautiful beach in Hawaii
Well there is a beach to write your name on, on every island…

Three years ago I was on Oahu, loved it. On this trip I’ve been to Oahu, Kauai, Maui and the Big Island Hawaii.

I am always speechless when I arrive to Hawaii. The airports here appeal to me! They are open air airports which means that you can smell the air and the flowers immediately and hear the birds singing. All your senses open up after a too long flight. And the Hawaiian music that they play at the airport is beautiful – it makes you feel so calm and relaxed and travelling is not stressfull at all. I have been hopping on and off four islands now, without any stress about going to the airport which is unusual. They don’t give the Leis at the airport though but buy your own anywhere you like – they are so nice.

Flower power and the green nature in Hawaii Big Island
Can you smell it!

Oahu and Kauai

First I flew to Honolulu. Spent five days there in way too expensive hotel and did too much shopping (which is nice there because the service is so great. I even got my own servant who sent me an email afterwards that hope you got to the hotel safe with your new darling). That was my stategy; not to spend my money already in the very beginning but to recover from the jetlag in my own peace. A cosy hotel room right in Waikiki. How nice. That was a good start for the holiday.

After that I went to Kauai. During the whole trip my plans have been all open, like you heard about my last night in the car, meaning I haven’t booked anything before couple of hours max days before. But going to Kauai was amazing. And the decision of staying in social hostel instead of “I’m cool” hotel. I got to know so many great people and had great conversations and learned a lot from these guys: Thank you Miguel. Thank you Amy. Ebay, Thorben, Connor, Ty, all! Gratuitous helping and giving smt out of yourself is something that I start to value more and more everyday. That people show each other kindness without assuming to get smt in change. I am not too used to that kind of world but I want to be. We all should. Does this occur only in Hawaii / when travelling or is it possible everywhere in this busy world?

Kauai was quite something also when it comes to nature. Oh my nameless god. I was driving around with Miguel and Amy. And some great things happened. For example it is so much fun to hitchhike and get a ride on a pickup truck and have those views. Straight outta Jason Mraz music video or Childish Gambina’s I would say! I ate my first sushi burrito – sounds strange but was good! I had a perfect helicopter ride and well -yeah Kauai it is. Can’t wait to go back some day very soon.

Hitchhike lift on a pickup truck and beautiful lush Kauai view
A hitchhike success!
Sushi tortilla on the beach, great picnic food
Sushi tortilla
Helicopter ride on Kauai! Grand Canyon of the Pacific, Jurassic Park waterfall, wonderful Kauai seen from the air!
Kauai helicopter ride! Including the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, Jurassic park waterfall etc. Well the whole Kauai!

Maui and Big Island Hawaii

I might be a bit stupid, because it’s not too easy to relax for me. I have to keep going. For example on this trip I have been curious and wanted to see different islands. So I went to Maui next but stayed there only for three days. It’s a beautiful island too but the athmosphere is somehow so different. Well I did what I wanted to do: the famous road to Hana and went to see the very beautiful sunrise on the top of the crater. I also went to this Hawaian evening which was a great way to experience the traditions and learn the history. And oh the originals are sooo beautiful people. Both women and men. They say it’s the coconut oil – it’s expensive but use it and lose the wrinkles! And everybody told me; on Maui you can party, but I think I have passed that hc partying age. If I ever had it! On Maui I got this nick name Mini EX meaning Mini Extreme because I’m a bit pussy when it comes to extreme sports or things. Thanks Neil for that – you enjoy your paragliding! Well Maui got a bit too extreme for me after this very unfriendly bus driver didn’t treat me well. So I escaped to the big island that was the best decision ever, here I am still.

Road to Hana on Maui is a famous scenic route in Hawaii
On the road to Hana
Sunrise on the top of the Haleakala crater in Maui
Sunrise on the top of the Haleakala crater
Hawaiian Hula dance in the traditional Luau feast
Hawaiian Hula dance in the traditional Luau feast

Millions of times wow. Beautiful place on earth and a crazy ass place – you know the nature changes just like that! There are 11 (out of 13) different climate zones on the big island. I have driven in the normal setting, jungle, tundra milieu, on the mountain what else, can’t even remember. It’s amazing. I think I even found my wedding church. And wheeeere is the husband! I will marry a dolphin if not a guy. Saw hundreds of them. Two types, spinner dolphins and the others I can’t remember. So lovely. They swam so fast ahead the catamaran when I did this cruise. They also passed by when I was snorkelling. A great day it was. I have also done some great little hikes as well as enjoyed the beach life a good book in front of me. Oh I have also eaten well. Food here is delicious. The only problem is that they always bring two menus! And the waiters call elder people “guys”! “What would you like to have guys?!” – that’s so weird to me. Well this guy is going to sleep now. In to real bed tonight. Happy End.

White church in the middle of the green on Hawaii
Who ever saints church
Mountains and the lava ground on Hawaii Big Island
Mountains and the lava ground


Akaka Falls on Hawaii Big Island, waterfall in the middle of the green
Akaka Falls
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