Must Know About Hawaii!

Travels — 23.10.2015

One friend asked about the must things in Hawaii, so I answered to three questions from my point of view.

Best Hawaii Islands to Go?

I have been to four islands out of six that are ”open” for tourists: Oahu, Kauai, Maui and Hawaii, the so-called Big Island. Lanai and Molokai, which are a bit less known I haven’t been to, yet.

My absolute favourite islands are diverse wonderful Big Island and lovely lush Kauai. But in addition to that I really love Oahu’s North Shore, the easy-going surf town. I also like to hang around in Waikiki and do some shopping or go for a drink in this hot spot with a relaxed atmosphere.

For some reason Maui I didn’t like too much. Of course, it’s a paradise like all the islands, but it didn’t seem that friendly to me. Maybe they are fed up with tourists there, which I don’t wonder.

What to Do on Hawaiian Islands?

It’s always roughly said that Oahu is for shopping and urban vibes. Green and wet Kauai for nature experiences. Maui for lovers with its honeymoon resorts and Big Island for bigger scale adventures since it has a lot to offer. But on every island you can do the Hawaiian basics; have a great beach time, wander in nature and relax.

On Oahu I definitely enjoyed shopping and the beach life – surfing and body boarding. It has the beaches known for international surfing competitions.

On Kaui I loved driving to the different beautiful places that make you sigh. It’s so enjoyable to do some hiking in the forests and kayaking or sub boarding through the narrow beautiful rivers, and just relax on amazing beaches.

On Maui I enjoyed participating in the traditional Hawaiian events, like luau night, Hawaiian feast, where there are traditional food, music and dance. There was some nice shopping in Maui too. And great beaches of course. You can also do a boat trip and visit Lanai for a day (I got ill so had to cancel my booking).

On Big Island there is the best snorkelling and you can also do different boat trips: dolphin and even whale tours during the season, and Manta Ray night snorkel. The nature of the island is so diverse, Big Island Hawaii having the majority of climatic zones – eleven! – in the world. You can experience some really cool nature changes there. Big Island also has the world’s most active Volcano Kilauea and the neighbour mountain Mauna Loa is the tallest mountain measured from its base on the sea floor.

The Biggest Attractions on the Hawaiian Islands?

These are the ones I liked!

Oahu: Waikiki, Jurassic Park film setting, North Shore’s famous surfing spots (These are ok: Pearl Harbour, Dole Pineapple Farm)

Kauai: Waimea Canyon, Kauai Coffee, Kalalau trail on Napali coast (two days hike). I did a helicopter ride on Kauai, which was really nice. I have also heard that Napali Coast boat trip is worth going to.

Maui: Haleakala crater sunrise and sunset, Road to Hana drive is quite nice

Big Island: Volcano Mount Kilauea, helicopter lava tour, Mauna Kea Star observatory (check the weather!)

What to Note When Travelling to Hawaii!

Hawaii islands are so pretty and so far, that take your time when you go there! Depending on from where you travel, have 2-3 weeks at minimum.

The islands have so much to see and experience that it’s best to hire a car. But also note, that Hawaii is quite expensive. Definitely worth to go still!


My volcano silhouette
My volcano silhouette
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