Kingfishers and the Taste of Life on a Beach in Krabi

Whattawow — 27.1.2017

Whattawowmemory: Kingfishers and the Taste of Life on a Beach in Krabi

The afternoon heat started withdrawing. So I went to the beach. Low tide had begun and the strand was only getting wider. It was possible to go for exploring the limestone crags. There were some others having a late afternoon walk as well but it was peaceful. Evening falling is the time for calming down. Keep calm and walk the beach – everybody seemed to know that rule. Only the mischievous kingfishers were making funny noise. First time I realized that must be a kingfisher. I had known the beautiful small colourful bird only on the beer bottle before. Thus, this was lovely; I happen to love small birds. I was following their speeding closely, they fly in a remarkable way and chirp. They go in small groups, a few by each other. Watching birds tastes life. But there is also the heaven in them, mystical…

I was fascinated also by the shells. There are specialties on a Thai beach. The artwork of nature is amazing. All kinds of shapes and patterns. I have never seen such interesting figure that I did on the early evening. I found a shell with a very punctilious star pattern! Amazing…

When the night falls all sorts of living creatures like to start rolling around and hanging on the beach. First time in my life I encountered a sea star tiptoeing in the dusk. That’s the magic of the magic hour. The light is at its best and the open air movie of the night begins! There was such show on the Nopparat Thara beach (I was surprised, since at daytime it was just a beach). The colours were changing from yellows, oranges, pinks and reds to blues and purples, and still to the noble metal colors, bronze and gold. Once again this was a sunset of my life. After such experience the feeling is always beautiful, serene to be specific.


En oikein ymmärtänyt miten nämä olivat muodostuneet niin symmetrisesti hiekkaan
I didn’t quite get what had formed these shapes, found all kind of greatness


Katsokaa nyt tuota tähtikuviota!
Look at this star pattern!








Paikalliset rapujahdissa
The locals chasing grabs

Whattawowmemory is a recurring set of articles, where I’m capturing the most memorable moments and the strongest feelings that I have felt on the road. I usually attach a special song that will always remind me of that moment, but this time it was the birdsong.

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