May Day at the Spring in New Zealand

Whattawow — 1.5.2016

Whattawowmemory: May Day at the Spring in New Zealand

I can easily name the most special May Day celebrations that I have had. It took place in nature and was something very different. Can you imagine a riverside with a lot of greens and a total peace around? And cold water running there but then hot spring water mixing with it and making it just perfect temperature to bath in! This is how I spent my May day four years ago – bathing at a perfect natural wonder.

This special memory took place in Taupo in New Zealand’s autumn. The air was fresh and crisp but warm enough and the water kept warm anyway. I remember how enjoyable it was to enjoy the cold beer or cider that we had taken with us in the icebox. What was the biggest wow factor was the nature’s own neck massage. The water was flowing with a pressure and there were small cascades! I felt so perfectly happy and I still do when I reminisce that moment.

My friend and me hang out the whole day there just the two of us. Chatting, sipping and relaxing. When we finally left after many hours, we had the grandma fingers and toes – that long we spent there! Oh, such good times.

The cherry on top for the May Day celebrations was the opossum that we saw on a way back. He was lying on his back in the middle of the street having a bottle on his belly. Someone had made a prank about a road kill.

Have a safe May Day!






Whattawowmemory is a recurring set of articles, where I’m capturing the most memorable moments and the strongest feelings that I have felt on the road. I also attach a special song that will always remind me of that moment.

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