The Mystical Feeling at The Mayan Temples in Mexico

Whattawow — 4.1.2019

Whattawowmemory: The Mystical Feeling at The Mayan Temples in Mexico

Mayatemppeli ja Meksikon valloitus

Just lately I was reminiscing a special day that we spent in Mexico about four years ago. We were by the beautiful Laguna Bacalar, which is famous for its seven shades. We enjoyed the sweet water lake setting for a couple of days – but then on one day our host Pedro took us for an unforgettable trip.

The hostess of our accommodation, Yolanda, had told us that close by there is a secret place – Mayan temples – that no one knows: people don’t realise to go there. Chichen Itza etc would be nothing compared to this when taking into consideration the perfect silence there would be…
And this was the case! We arrived to the beautiful mystical place right in the heart of nature and there was no one. We walked through the woods and suddenly there were huge temple ruins in front of us. I had never seen anything like that before: it was hard to imagine how the Mayans had built all those miracles 500 CE!

I climbed 200 steps and Antti took some shots. We were exploring the area and walked from a temple to another; even more fascinating temple. It was just two of us and the nature around us – there was a total serene peace and it felt like the magic of the universe was sprinkled in the air…

UNTIL the howler monkeys started their territorial fight. Earlier we had noticed that there were big monkeys hanging in the trees, and now we knew who they are. These buddies were so noisy – they sounded like dinosaurs that were slaughtered! That about the peace. But this was in the end of our day trip and it made us laugh.

In fact, it was funny to experience a total peace and a noisy war at the same place. That reminded about the distant history: how the indigenous people were oppressed for example here in Mexico. And still, everybody smiles! Mexican culture is fascinating how it mixes the colours and the sculls. Once again it was a privilege to experience a very enriching day during this life: this was a real adventure! The native Mexican host Pedro waited us at the car. Despite the language barrier we could communicate: “fantastico!” Then we hit the country road, put the happy Mexican music on and let the breeze come in through the windows while we were heading to the casa.

Viidakko Meksikossa mayatemppelilla

Istun mayatemppelillä Meksikossa

Lara Croft style Meksikon mayatemppelillä
Parkour Lara Croft style!

Lara Croft tyylillä mayatemppelillä Meksikossa

Kävely läpi metsän Meksikossa

Mayatemppelin koristelu Meksikossa

Seikkailu mayojen Meksikossa

Yläilmoissa mayatemppelillä

Meksikolainen maisema mayojen temppelialueella

Istun mayatemppelilla

Mölyapina Meksikossa

Maya temple adventure in Mexico

Mayatemppelialueen puustoa Meksikossa

Iso puu temppeliraunioilla Meksikossa

Kuvanotto yhtä aikaa Meksikossa
Hah, shot each other at the same time!

Mayatemppeliraunio Meksikossa

Whattawowmemory is a recurring set of articles, where I’m capturing the most memorable moments and the strongest feelings that I have felt on the road. I usually attach a special song that will always remind me of that moment, but this time it was the noise of the howler monkeys.

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