”I Should Have Become a Great Actress”

Whattawow — 28.12.2018

Whattawowperson: Grandma. Learn from your grandparents!

”I should have become a great actress”, announced my grandmother. And she could have been a great actress, for sure! Her expression and empathy was one of a kind! Grandma would turn 100 years today, but she past away when she was at the valuable age of 94. I loved her and I love elderly people in general – I think you can learn so much from them. Everyone should appreciate the special time with the older and wiser.

I learned many things and got similar traits from my grandma. She had the temper, the strength and the genuine self-being! She was a Person, with a big P! And she was a super grandma: she always pushed through, no matter what. She surely had the Finnish SISU; guts! Even she lost a lot: her husband, her brother, two sons for instance still – despite the miserable stuff – she found the joy and laughed a lot in life. She was a person who lived fully: she lived and showed all the feelings. She was 100 % happy or she suffered for 100 %. What was remarkable with my grandma was that she didn’t only live her own life/feelings but she also lived for the others! She was the most empathic person I have ever seen. Often when I went to see her and she had just watched the news she was mourning all those people who had been killed in some catastrophe: she didn’t need to know the persons she still felt them.

Mummo ie. Grandma felt everything! She is the one who also taught me to see the so-called small things in life – the secrets that make you happy! Like clean home for the weekend, the good feeling after sauna, grocery shopping that is done or the beautiful flowers on the balcony… Grandma noticed all the details that make “the life”. She was the master of enjoying the setting of life!

She never became the great actress. She lived a traditional life of a “farmer lady” and the most important thing in her life was to take care of the family. Mummo loved all the children and all the animals there exist. But she dreamed big and lived big for sure.

Even it’s the everyday life it is possible to be a great meaningful person! We are here once, and we play the star role once! The awesome “actress quote” of my grandma though teaches that it is possible to try anything you fancy. Everything is possible as long as you are realizing yourself and fulfilling your calling! Dream BIG!

Mummo nuorena
Mummo’s last advice was: ”Be a good girl Henna, just like you have been to me.”

Whattawowperson is a recurring set of articles, where I’m giving this honorary title to a wonderful person that I respect and that lives (or lived) exceptionally in this world. I also share her/his story shortly.

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