On the Red Beach – Ramla Bay on Gozo!

Whattawow — 6.7.2018

Whattawowmemory: On the Red Beach – Ramla Bay on Gozo!

rannalla Maltan Gozolla Whattawowmemory

Midsummer is left behind. Gozo feels like a perfect setting to celebrate this peaceful summer feast. Well, it feels perfect in every way. I’d love to come here much more often and calm down – it would be lovely to take it easy and spend a few weeks here and do nothing. It’s a dream come true, someday I’ll do that. Always when I’m coming here or leaving from here and I’m on the short ferry ride I’m thinking how great this island is. It’s a one of a kind paradise, the countryside pearl of the Mediterranean.

Maalaismaisema Gozolla Maltalla, rural view Maltese countryside

I’ve seen Ramla Bay already from the top of the hill, it’s down there showing off its beauty. The ginger beach invites you to join in. It glows and looks like a sheltered secret bay – even though everyone knows the place. This afternoon we’re cool: it’s peaceful, there are not much people anymore. At this time of the day the hot “toasty” day feels like velvet. You must know the warm feeling of the late summer afternoon; it’s lovely. The wind is blowing gently and makes people’s life just perfect. The red sand opens in front of me and around me, it’s like copper gold everywhere. I’m admired. I have arrived to my favourite beach on Malta – now I know it.

kuparinkultainen punainen hiekkaranta Gozo Ramla Bay, golden red sand beach

This is the first encounter and I’m so fascinated by what I see and feel. People have put up colourful umbrellas on the red sand. The kids are running happy. The shallow slopes that look like they’re in the fairy-tale surround Ramla beach. The air is filled with cheerful sun rays and the cumulus cloud fog, it’s like there is magic in the air.

poika juoksee rannalla Ramla Baylla, beach Gozo kid running

When I’m trying to set my “gone-with-the-wind” towel on the beach I look more closely around. I see a white statue in the middle of the beach! There is a classical white statue there, what the heck. I love white statues. This is definitely the most charming beach in Malta: the most personal for sure and that’s my taste!

I lay there eyes shut and enjoy the atmosphere, I feel the present happy moment, and every now and then I check the view to absorb it enough. How to store this feeling and memory enough… Oh well, it gets even better! The waves have been calling from the first moment and the first steps on the beach. I need to dive in, finally!

This is one of the funniest days of my life in water for sure! I can’t describe the amount of fun that I experience there when we’re jumping on the waves with Antti. The Ramla Bay waves are like they were made for jumping and light body surfing – just great size and wild enough! I’m laughing, I’m laughing a lot. I keep laughing, I could continue this fun thing forever. Oh life, this is life. I feel everything!

Whattawowworldin Henna Gozon rannalla

ramla bay gozo malta

Aurinkovarjoja rannalla Ramla Baylla Gozolla, umbrella on the beach in Malta

Whattawowmemory is a recurring set of articles, where I’m capturing the most memorable moments and the strongest feelings that I have felt on the road. I usually attach a special song that will always remind me of that moment, but this time it was the sound of the waves.

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