Sleep Paralysis in Dubai

Whattawow — 31.10.2018

Whattawowmemory: Sleep Paralysis in Dubai

Have you heard about the sleep paralysis? I heard about it for the first time only after I had experienced it. Of course I would have liked to known about it beforehand. Because it was SCARY.

I was in Dubai. This was my first time in Arabic Emirates and in the Middle East. So the surroundings were new and strange to me. And then on one night the scariest thing in my life happened.

I was laying on my back in bed in the dark hotel room. I’m not sure if I even realised where I was. I couldn’t move, my body felt heavy and numb. I could only observe the room, and I could sense the presence of evil in the room. All my limbs were paralysed; I could only move my eyeballs. And when I looked to the right I saw this maniac thing in the corner just next to the door and the parcel shelf.

It was like a caricature devil with spiky hair around its broad face. It was black, dark anyway. Eyes – pupils – might have been red. And it had small horns. In fact, the iPhone devil gives a pretty good picture about it. This was *ucking scary though. And there it was just staring at me with very intensive mad days – with a look that was going to kill me. This thing had a wide grin and it was frozen in place, just looking at me.

I was panic-stricken. My breathing was blocked. I felt like dying. I wanted to scream and run away – but I couldn’t do anything because I was paralysed. I couldn’t understand the whole situation: I didn’t understand what was going on, what was happening to me, was I dead or alive. I was freaking out in a situation that was the most horrible scary movie in my life and I was forced to experience it. I was forced to look at the devil.

Little by little this three-dimensional figure started approaching my bed and me. It came close step by step. Teasing me. Tormenting me. Eventually, it was very close, like a metre away from me. Stayed there and stared at me. And then it rushed the last centimetres and bended over me, and that’s when I pinched myself to awake! I sat up and touched my limbs, was this real now: I was still alive? What the * was that?! The next morning I was still relieved and telling about the sick experience to my colleagues I was in Dubai with and someone told me the term sleep paralysis. I googled it: that was it!

Even though this was the creepiest experience in my life I still recall it in some sick enjoyable way. I feel somehow special that I got to experience that lunatic occurrence. Now that I’m safe it somehow fascinates me. Of course I don’t want to experience it again! If I do, I really hope I will realise not to worry, it is just a sleep paralysis… Have you experienced it, what happened to you? Or maybe you got it on the Halloween night…

Whattawowmemory is a recurring set of articles, where I’m capturing the most memorable moments and the strongest feelings that I have felt on the road. I usually attach a special song that will always remind me of that moment, but this time the sound was just some lunatic silence.

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