Hey I’ve Got a Second Home in Cool Tallinn!

Travels — 30.9.2018

I’m very happy to announce I have had little changes in my life. Beside the Helsinki home there is a Tallinn home now too. This is exciting because Tallinn has become such a fascinating city that develops fast! It’s seems to be one of the startup hubs in Europe. There are positive vibes and a lot of modern things happening. Estonia / Tallinn has managed to make some big changes and the country brand has evolved a lot. They have known how to make things right. For example the public transportation is free for the citizens. Visit Tallinn and Visit Estonia put such charming photos on Instagram – I’m looking forward to exploring the local areas. Planning to cut my flying miles and put them on the rails. Also waiting for the new sustainable ship for the “Hellinna”/”Talsinki” route! It is in manufacturing.

Even though Tallinn has become much more expensive than it used to be it’s still affordable compared to homeland Finland! As a poor entrepreneur I have to eat outside on the other side of the gulf! But I’m doing that also because there are very nice restaurants and entertaining settings in Tallinn. Even though the Old Town is the most touristic area I still love to walk around on the cobblestone streets. I just don’t spend time in the middle where the prices are as high as that church tower! The Old Town Tallinn is so beautiful: I always find some new details and get the nostalgic feeling. Also the middle is nice when the Christmas market comes to the town. What a feeling…

Before I only knew the basic city centre, Rotermanni area with refurbished office buildings and boutiques and the Old Town Tallinn. Lately, I have started going to the new trendy hoods; like Telliskivi, Kalamaja and Kadriorg. In Telliskivi I have spent some time already (short walk from the Old Town, and Kalamaja is next to it). In fact, the decision of the Tallinn home was made in Telliskivi. It was a very hot afternoon in May, the terrace of Peatus and a pint of cold beer involved – and a great feeling that spoke for Tallinn! ”Of course, there should be another home here!” No regrets for that decision – I’m really happy about this refreshing lifestyle. I will be updating more about Tallinn and my findings, once I spent more time in the city. Teretulemast = welcome to visit!

A couple of nice places I’ve found already:

1. Balti Jaam – a modern indoor/outdoor market place next to the train station – there is everything!
2. NOP – a sweet, atmospheric brunch place between Raua and Kadriorg
3. Poke Bowl – a tiny spot to enjoy a delicious 8 euro poke bowl – there are a couple of bar seats or then just take away!
4. Estonian Burger Factory – nice place, good burgers and quality beers
5. F-Hoone – nice, modern old cool restaurant in Telliskivi hipster area

PS. I don’t really go shopping anymore – but a hint for those who want to make a couple of essential purchases 😉 : Ûlemiste shopping centre is wide and has many stores.

Vanhankaupungin katot Tallinna

Vanhakaupunki Tallinna pinkki talo

Vanhakaupunki muuri Tallinna

Vanhakaupunki katu Tallinna
The Old Town Tallinn is always charming
Telliskivi Tallinna mustavalkoisena
Telliskivi black and white

Telliskivi Tallinna juna ja graffiti

kohvik Telliskivi Tallinna

pingis Telliskivi Tallinna
You can play ping pong just like that, in Telliskivi
Peatus Telliskivi Tallinna
Peatus terrace was the place for the adventurous decision of having a second home in Tallinn!
Graffiti Telliskivi Tallinna
There is a lot of graffiti in Telliskivi
Telliskivi Tallinna
Telliskivi is a mix of old, modern and boho. It’s a cozy area to hang out, kind of hipster.

Telliskivi graffiti nainen Tallinna

olut posteri juliste Tallinna

F-hoone ravintola terassi Telliskivi Tallinna
F-Hoone is a nice restaurant in Telliskivi!
juna-asema, Tallinnan joukkoliikenne
The public transportation is free for the citizens in Tallinn. And it’s not too expensive in general. Besides, this is a walking city, short distances here!

Saku pub Tallinna

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